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OV’s Path Forward

Oro Valley Path Forward Update

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How OV Travels – Roads

In comparison to other similarly sized towns, is OV traffic generally light, just right, or congested? What does the future of transportation in OV look like?

We need you to shape Oro Valley’s future by addressing these questions and more on Creating the next 10-year community action plan, known as OV’s Path Forward, requires everyone’s voice. Participation is fun, meaningful, and easy.

Right now, community members can identify where roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, trail, or other safety improvements are needed. This is the first time the Town has launched this type of mapping opportunity. Your combined participation will help establish the community’s vision, values, and goals for the future.

We highly encourage everyone to participate often, either online or in the community. The plan impacts all aspects of Oro Valley’s quality of life, such as housing, economic development, transportation, public safety and more. New opportunities to discuss these important topics are released monthly at