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Tierra Antigua Realty / Robert C. Anderson

Tierra Antigua Realty / Robert C. Anderson
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Well, Hello and Welcome to the Tucson, Arizona metropolis. Come take a tour with me around Southern Arizona and see some of the beautiful homes in our area. Enjoy our wonderful landscape, diverse culture, great people, and amazing hospitality.

I am a professional Real Estate Agent who has held a real estate license for 16 years.

I had the privilege of working for the federal government for 36 years. I am a retired veteran, having given 20 years of service to the United States Army and 16 years of service to the Department of Defense as a Human Resources Specialist.

I will be your expert guide and give you unparalleled service as a Realtor! With my great customer service and negotiation skills, I will listen to your wants and concerns. I will represent you from the beginning of your transaction to the very end.

You need a Realtor with the education, skill sets and confidence to ensure your needs are met, your words are heard, and your aspirations are met.

I am that Reliable Realtor for You!

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Robert Anderson - Realtor
(520) 661-8629
8359 Winding Willow Way
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