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Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter & Associates

Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter & Associates
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Fishkind Bakewell Maltzman Hunter & Associates provides comprehensive, top-quality medical and surgical eye care, from exams to eyeglasses, and cataract, glaucoma, cornea and refractive surgery. We have 3 locations, including an Oro Valley office and nearby surgery center.

Our dedicated doctors and staff have been providing Southern Arizonans with excellent care for over three decades, offering comprehensive ophthalmic services for the entire family. If you’re ready to learn how we can help you achieve greater comfort and better eyesight, please call us at 520-293-6740 today. Remember, It matters who you see.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to manage many eye conditions and disorders, including routine and screening examinations, cataract and lens implant surgery, treatment of corneal diseases, treatment of glaucoma, glasses and contact lens prescriptions, and emergency eye services.

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Lydia Lansberry - Practice Administrator
(520) 293-6740 ext. 103
5599 N. Oracle Road
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