The temperature in Oro Valley, Arizona, varies between a low of 34°F and a high of 103°F throughout the year. The city also experiences an annual precipitation of 13 inches and a snowfall of 2 inches. In Oro Valley, humidity remains comfortable throughout the summer, providing a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike.

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The Sonoran Desert is hot… And Tucson in September of ‘71 was no exception. Blistering pavement. The pools were so warm they felt like bathwater. AC cranked to the max. Enter our founders to save the day (and all the days to come), driving around the city in their frozen lemonade vending truck, sweetening the moment at schools, sporting games, and concerts with the silky smooth, frosty deliciousness of the now iconic eegee.

Pretty cool, right? Since then, we have revolutionized the food scene in Tucson and Phoenix, capturing the hearts of millions and quenching the thirst of Tucsonans (yeah, it’s a real word), Phoenicians, and everyone who visits the Sonoran desert.

7911 N. Oracle Road
Oro Valley
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