For a period of 18 days (between June 12-25, 1974), the mercury rose to a whopping 100+ degrees, with the apex hitting 116.1°F June 24. Still, the hottest day in Arizona history came two decades later – a sizzling 128°F – recorded in late June 1994

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Coldwell Banker Realty – Cynthia Luois

Coldwell Banker Realty – Cynthia Luois

Full-Time Certified Realtor® Licensed in Arizona & Florida; Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker; Lead Residential Broker at The ACRE Pros:

I have an innate drive to help others achieve goals and realize dreams…

It manifested early, before I graduated from the University of Arizona, as I tutored fellow students to succeed; then in my professional career - in San Diego as a Publishing Manager helping budding authors, in Los Angeles as a recruiter placing top attorneys in selective positions, then back in Southern Arizona as Executive Assistant to the C-Suite of a regional law firm…

I even launched a podcast dedicated to personal & professional empowerment. Through my interviews with remarkably accomplished individuals, I learned more about myself - and eventually even Real Estate, in particular…

Since starting as an agent in early 2017, I increasingly recognize Real Estate as the perfect industry for me to reach and serve more people in ways that dramatically change their lives for the better. I’m grateful I get to play to my strengths, while enjoying the sense of fulfillment in truly helping people - especially making a material impact on reaching objectives that matter most to them.

My practice, spanning Arizona & Florida, allows me to continue mastering my leadership and entrepreneurial skills, while I perform at progressively higher levels of meaningful service to others.

11165 N. La Canada Drive
Address 2
Oro Valley
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