For a period of 18 days (between June 12-25, 1974), the mercury rose to a whopping 100+ degrees, with the apex hitting 116.1°F June 24. Still, the hottest day in Arizona history came two decades later – a sizzling 128°F – recorded in late June 1994

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Arizona Coins & Collectibles

Arizona Coins & Collectibles

Arizona Coins and Collectibles was started by Peter Spooner who was the head numismatist for the prior company, American Stamp and Coin.
Mr. Spooner has been involved in coins in the Tucson area for over 45 years. He joined the Tucson Coin Club in 1967 and the American Numismatic Association in 1968. As a junior, Mr. Spooner was involved in the Junior Tucson Coin Club and in 1972, served as President of over 30 young numismatists. Mr. Spooner displayed his coins extensively throughout Arizona, California, and several other states and won numerous awards.
At the University of Arizona, Mr. Spooner used his knowledge to help catalog and combine the numerous coin collections located at the Arizona State Museum. Mr. Spooner also worked with Hal Birt, Jr. and helped publish the 1980 Arizona Token Catalog. Later, Mr. Spooner did research on coin grading and used his findings in the completion of his Master's thesis at the University of Phoenix.
Mr. Spooner also worked with Numismatic Fine Arts in Los Angeles, California, and Allstate Coin in Tucson, handling many rare ancient and United States coins. Mr. Spooner’s knowledge of ancients and foreign enabled the purchase of the Commodore Matthew C. Perry collection for Allstate Coin. As the owner of Arizona Coins and Collectibles, Mr. Spooner offers a comfortable atmosphere for the collector/investor to expand their collection and discuss their future collecting goals.

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