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Velvet Hound Groomery

Velvet Hound Groomery
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• Oro Valley’s Compassionate Dog Grooming
• At Velvet Hound Groomery, we groom with compassion, promote a stress-free environment, and work with each dog individually, like at a human hair salon, from bathing to drying to scissoring. Upon arrival, your dog is groomed immediately. There’s no waiting in a cage and no drying in a cage. Our salon is kennel-free but not roam-free. Dogs do not mingle with other dogs and are always supervised. If they must wait for their pet parents to pick them up, they lounge in their own cubbies. Our salon takes dog grooming to a new level with a caring commitment to you and your pet.

Primary Representative
Sarah Sher
11941 First Avenue
Address 2
Suite 141
Oro Valley
ZIP Code