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Advertise on will be the destination website for visitors to Oro Valley, residents seeking local information, and businesses promoting their products and services.  This means businesses seeking branding opportunities, traffic to their respective websites, and SEO advantages from Link Building will find as their advertising partner.

I Love OV, LLC is offering advertising positions on its website  Our goal is to have advertising on the site exclusive while ensuring that advertising is not intrusive to the website visitor.  The advertising objectives to achieve less intrusive will be achieved by limiting the number of advertisements and their size.

Two Primary Ad Positions

Advertisers will have the advantage of exclusivity due to the limited number of advertisements per page. Two primary ad positions will appear on every page of the website, meaning the advertiser who selects the first or second advertisement placements will be on every page.

Unique Page Ad Positions

There will be one third position advertisement position on each page beneath the primary advertisements.  Ads will be available for the Oro Valley Business Directory and Oro Valley Upcoming Events pages and the main theme pages, Shopping, Dining, etc.

Rotating Banner

A rotating banner advertisement will be at the top of every page on the website.   This position also offers the opportunity to be on every page, depending on the number of banner advertisers.  While the number of banner placements will not be set initially, I Love OV, LLC retains the right to select the number of rotating banners.

We will create the ad for your Business

I Love OV, LLC will create the advertisement layout for your Business as part of the fee, and once placed on the website, the advertisement will be hypertext linked to your website homepage or the page or the web page of your choice, providing an SEO advantage to your website.

10% Discount and Featured Business

Each advertisement will require a minimum commitment of three months.  I Love OV will offer a 10% discount for an advertisement commitment of twelve months, and the advertiser will be the Featured Business for the month of their choice.  At the end of the commitment, the ad will renew at the prevailing rates.

  • First position – All pages: $700
  • Second position – All pages: $600
  • Third position – Select pages: $400
  • Banner – All pages: $200

If you are interested in an ad placement on the website, email



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