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Vallee Gold Team video features artist Madaras

Don and Kathy Vallee, who run The Vallee Gold Team at Long Realty, also manage a YouTube channel where they shine a spotlight on local businesses. In their debut episode as hosts of American Dream TV representing Tucson, Don and Kathy Vallee invited viewers into the enchanting world of Diana Madaras.

Diana is not only an artist but a luminary of compassion and philanthropy. Diana is famous for creating captivating art and for advocating animal welfare—it converged in 1999 with the launch of the Madaras Gallery and the founding of ‘Art for Animals,’ which has raised over $200,000 for the Tucson community. Her unwavering commitment has significantly improved the lives of numerous animals, and her gallery has been honored as Tucson’s Best time and again. There, she talks with Diana Madaras about her passion for art and her dedication to animal welfare. Diana’s gallery has been a quiet contributor, generously supporting her “ Art For Animals Foundation”.

Reflecting on the episode, Kathy Vallee remarked, “It really turned out well, capturing the generous spirit of Diana’s work.” The video has been well-received, with viewers sharing positive feedback.

To view the episode, click here.

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