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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Newly Completed Path Segment Extends The Loop

The Loop, Oro Valley/Tucson. AI Rendition

The Loop, Oro Valley, and Tucson. AI Rendition.

Oro Valley has a diverse trail system catering to hikers, bikers, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts. A recent addition to The Chuck Huckelberry Loop was completed in May, improving safety for the community. The new half-mile multi-use path segment is north of the Oro Valley Hospital and provides a pathway that connects to Rancho Vistoso Boulevard. Previously, cyclists had to navigate dirt sections and cycle or walk through Big Wash and along the road. The newly paved and striped segment offers enhanced safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

“This new segment of The Loop is a direct result of regional collaboration,” said Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield. “It improves the trail experience for cyclists and pedestrians, and—more importantly—this connection increases public safety. It keeps trail users off the roadway, which means they can focus on the scenic views instead of the traffic.”

Spanning 137 miles, The Chuck Huckelberry Loop comprises paved pathways and bike lanes that extend through various regions, including Oro Valley. With access points at Riverfront Park, Steam Pump Ranch, Honeybee Canyon Park, and Catalina State Park, the Loop offers a remarkable recreational experience. It was recognized as the “Best Recreational Trail” in the country by readers of USA Today in both 2021 and 2022, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The new multi-use path segment further enhances the trail system by offering a safe connection and direct access to Big Wash, a crucial floodplain, wildlife habitat, and riparian area. This allows for more effective floodplain management, monitoring, and maintenance, and the conservation of this habitat and protected open space is a vital aspect of this collaborative project.

“The Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is “Inspire Connection through Recreation.” This mission is met, literally, with the new Loop connection to Rancho Vistoso Boulevard,” said Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Director Kristy Diaz-Trahan. “This connectivity provides safe, non-vehicular access to and from the northern portion of our community, adding to the already coveted trail system in Oro Valley.”

If you haven’t already, plan a day to explore the loop and check out the new path segment. Enjoy the views, the adventure, and the sunshine and experience the beauty of collaboration firsthand.