The temperature in Oro Valley, Arizona, varies between a low of 34°F and a high of 103°F throughout the year. The city also experiences an annual precipitation of 13 inches and a snowfall of 2 inches. In Oro Valley, humidity remains comfortable throughout the summer, providing a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike.

Oro Valley Launches Community Engagement Process for Next 10-Year Plan

The Town of Oro Valley has launched the community engagement process for its next 10-year plan, OV’s Path Forward. This community-driven plan will reflect the community’s goals, policies, and measurable actions for public safety, environment, parks, water, development, housing, employment, and more.

Residents, business owners, and the entire community are encouraged to participate in this process by joining the online discussion at or participating in community events at local shops and events.

The Town is asking residents to answer the following questions:

  • What do you like best about Oro Valley?
  • What do you think OV’s most significant challenges will be?
  • What should Oro Valley be known for?

Your responses will shape the community’s vision and values for Oro Valley’s future.

“The community-based process of developing a general plan is how we turn the community’s vision into reality since the plan becomes our playbook for the next ten years,” said Mayor Joe Winfield at the annual State of the Town Address. “Your ideas are important to us. We invite you to weigh in and be part of planning what’s next for Oro Valley.”

This process was last completed ten years ago, and the Town has worked hard to fulfill the vision articulated in the 2016 “Your Voice, Our Future” Plan. To date, the Town has completed, maintained, or is currently working on 96 percent of the actions in that plan, with four percent remaining to be evaluated or prioritized in the next three years.

“The General Plan is our ‘true north’ because it is informed and shaped by the citizens,” Mayor Winfield said. “We will leverage the momentum of our success with the 2016 plan to propel us into our next decade.”

Stay up‐to‐date and get involved by visiting

Why is this important?

The Town of Oro Valley’s General Plan is a roadmap for the community’s future. It will guide decisions about how the Town grows, develops, and provides services to its residents.

By participating in the community engagement process, you can ensure that the General Plan reflects your vision for Oro Valley’s future.

How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the OV’s Path Forward community engagement process:

  • Visit to answer the survey questions and join the online discussion.
  • Attend community events at local shops and businesses.
  • Sign up for the OV’s Path Forward email list to receive updates on the process.
  • Your elected officials ask the Town’s residents to share their thoughts and ideas.

Your voice matters. Get involved and help to shape the future of Oro Valley!

For Additional information, contact:
Jeffery Hidalgo
Public Information Officer
Office: 520-229-4772