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Tucson Corrective Exercise

Tucson Corrective Exercise
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Tucson Corrective Exercise was founded by health and wellness professional Frank Brown (A.S., NSCA-CPT, HKC), former owner of Vigorous Training, in 2013.

After several years in school and experience in the personal training field, Frank found his calling promoting health to seniors.

In a very short time, Frank began to see just how much difference could be made in the lives of the aging population by using exercise and proper nutrition as a means to combat so many issues that surface later in life, such as high blood pressure, back pain, even diabetes, and more serious issues. His clients see tremendous benefits from implementing exercise and proper nutrition.

TCE specializes in working with geriatrics that have been diagnosed with some of the most difficult conditions to live with. Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and fragility.

“No one is ever a lost cause” says Frank. “There is always something that can be done to improve the quality of a person's life.”

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Frank Brown - Owner
(520) 609-1180
8869 E. Fruit Tree Drive
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