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Resurrection Lutheran Church

Resurrection Lutheran Church
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Called by God’s Spirit, we are to be the presence of Christ in our daily lives so that others will follow him.

From worshiping as a faith community to building relationships with members of the greater community through multiple volunteer opportunities, we encourage one another to live out Christ’s love and grace.

Our Goals

To offer a variety of meaningful worship services

To serve families in our community by developing a community campus—a “third place,” in addition to your home and workplace, come here!

To engage all in mission ministries through local and global opportunities

To initiate Life Groups—small group ministry

Our Core Values

The next generation

Meaningful relationships

Stepping out in faith

Being the presence of Christ in our community

Our Core Beliefs

Jesus is Lord

All are Welcome

We give God our very best

Grace abounds (God will love you NO MATTER WHAT)

Life is about saying “Thank You”

11575 N. 1st Ave
Oro Valley
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