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Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars

We uniquely improve mental health for children, and the community, through astronomy, STEM and volunteer opportunities, influencing the course of history for generations to come.

Youth are struggling more now than ever, not wanting to finish high school or go to college. It’s resulting in risky behavior and poverty as young adults.

Reach For The Stars is committed to Alternative Coping Methods:
• STEM Exploration
• Space Exploration
• Youth Education
• Youth volunteer Projects (Food Pantry & Homeless Outreach)
• Strengthening Career Skills

RFTS envisions having a place built for the community where children can come for mental health and well-being. An Observatory Community and Learning Center would be centered around improving their coping mechanisms, creative confidence, altruistic behavior and expand their love for STEM careers. This effort would drastically change the course for the youth in-need in a more efficient and effective manner.

Primary Representative
Kira Reid - Founder/COO
(832) 515-9066
10895 S. Arrowhead Spring Drive
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