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Oro Valley Historical Society

Oro Valley Historical Society

The mission of the Oro Valley Historical Society is to promote research, preservation, education and dissemination of history related to the Greater Oro Valley area.

Our vision is to be instrumental in developing a shared sense of pride in the heritage of Greater Oro Valley.

OVHS is engaged in the strategic planning process to align the collective vision and actions, improve performance, increase professionalism and restate their dedication to community involvement. The Society wishes to address the changes, both internal and external, that influence our ability to meet the Historical Society’s mission.

Further, the Society seeks to lay the groundwork for a facility on the Steam Pump Ranch property, offering a wide variety of specialized uses, including a historical museum; exhibit area for collections; Society office space, and meeting room. The Society identified five critical issues: administrative center and space; community awareness and involvement; collections care and visibility; organizational leadership, awareness and contribution; conservation and research.

Primary Representative
Paul Loomis - Treasurer
(520) 428-7028
P.O. Box 69754
Oro Valley
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