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LuxSpace Studios
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Be yourself. Own your own business. Set your own hours. Enjoy your career! Find out how profitable the salon suite experience can be.

When you become a member of LuxSpace Studios, you are joining a community that puts your customers first. We've carefully considered the overall experience of your unique and creative profession and have created a new standard in the salon and spa studio industry.

Your clients expect the best service you can provide. We offer you a luxurious, modern setting where you can deliver their expectations.

We’re as business-minded as we are artistic. At LuxSpace Studios, not only do we respect your creative interests but we also want to help you make them come alive! Business and creativity never have to oppose one another.

We give you the flexibility to design a space that reflects who you are: your personality, your vision, and what makes you stand out from the others.

We believe nothing should stand in the way of you and your dreams. We’ve heard the same issues from salon owners over and over again and decided to do something about it. That’s why we provide affordable and customizable salon suites beauty professionals are looking for. We offer the necessary tools and resources to keep your business profitable.

You name it, we can help.

Primary Representative
Christopher Phillips - Owner
(520) 490-0765
11178 N. Pomegranate
Oro Valley
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